Cache Busting CSS (and stuff) in Hugo

Time: Tags: Hugo CSS assets fingerprint

A how-to guide on how to get that CSS to reload on change

Getting Last Modified Working in Hugo

Time: Tags: Hugo dates frontmatter git WIP

A how-to guide in how to get last modified to show up nicely

Setting Up Analytics With TelemetryDeck

Time: Tags: Hugo analytics TelemetryDeck privacy

A how-to guide to see that people visit. No personal info tracked

Separate Development Config From Production Config in Hugo

Time: Tags: Hugo configure

A how-to guide for simplifying additional stuff between prod and test

Mastodon Redirect From Your Domain Using Hugo

Time: Tags: Hugo Mastodon protocol webfinger

A how-to guide to making people able to search for me with on Mastodon

Creating this site

Time: Tags: Hugo structure site now

Plans and tools used in creating this site