A stream of condensed updates from my journal. The bits that might contain bits about what I’m working on, or thinking about


Nothing much to say. I’ve not been good at updating this site, and I’ve not been good at keeping a journal - apart from at work. It really is an invaluable tool.


Not keeping up with keeping a journal or this page, makes it hard to update after the fact.

It was a year where I struggled with low energy, the most notable sign of this was me managing to read 19 books. Compared with 46 in 2022 and 45 in 2021, this feels kind of strange. I’ll be trying to take better care of my self in 2024.


I’ve continued journaling (in a separate journal) at work, and it makes it easier keeping on top of things. It catches tasks that span different issue tracking systems and helps me track time (in broad strokes).

We’ve also taken in two practical students from a local school. I’ve been following them a bit, and helped feeding them tasks and just being there. We have no actual projects they can join in on, but I hope we can make the time spent with us worthwhile.


Right. The year has been a bit heavier to get through than planned so far. Journaling has been restricted to work stuff only, and has been an on/off thing. Works great when I jot down more than minimal.

There has been a bit of thoughts, some written down as poetry. In training. This page has not been worked on, and other projects are stuck. But life is quite good, and looking better. I really do not have anything to complain about, but it could be better :)


January saw all the cruft of the last year clog up my mind. My guess is that all the nice feelings and relaxation from the Christmas holidays brought me down from a stress high. One that had kept me running for a while.

First half of January has disappeared in a veil of sleep and whatever. I’ve had some time off, collected myself. And also built up an unhealthy amount of misplaced guilt. I’m getting a bit better, catching up. I’m planning on writing more this year, journaling, poetry and actual stories. Mostly in order to manage my thoughts, and keeping a lid on the bad ones. This will hopefully spin into a project or two. More on that later.


This year saw lots of things happening, not all of it good. Christmas was wonderful though, with family close and time off. I had an excellent time; I got to relax, excersice the small grey cells, tinker a bit and just be.


I also started building a/this statically generated site using Hugo. Did manage to make myself think that making my own theme would be a good idea. I’m slowly working on it, and notes are left in creating this site.

I’ve been solving advent of code puzzels. I did what felt like fun, and dropped any where I needed to read up on stuff while solving. It went ok, but I haven’t solved all. Probably won’t this year. Ended up at 41/50 ⭐.