About 2022.12.31

Tormod Haugen

Thinker of thoughts, writer of words.

A selfie of me with a hat. Get someone else to take my picture.

On the Internet I am — or would like to be — someone who thinks before they speak. Someone who thinks before they do. Someone who thinks before they write. Someone who helps where they can. Someone who know the value of shutting up.

In reality I am someone who sometimes speak out loud when they think. Someone who thinks too much for their own good. Someone who complains too much. Someone who doesn’t always realise their own worth. Someone who helps where they can. Someone who tries to not shut up when words needs speaking.

By trade I am a consultant employed at Bouvet, a Norwegian consultancy which designs, develops and provides advice on IT solutions and digital communication.

My day to day work is a bit of everything related to software development for one of our customers, gravitating towards backend programming and getting stuff into production around the world.

In my time off of work I do a little of whatever strikes my mood. My family and friends are quite important to me, but I also value what time I can get for myself. Luckily my wife and kids also enjoy alone time, and alone time spent together is great time.

Lately I’ve picked up journalling, kind of, and also some attempts at writing poetry. Where this will lead, I don’t know. Perhaps, like my other projects, it will die off in a couple of weeks. Never to be seen again. My wish is that it would make me a millionare before I turn 30. That ship has sailed, many years ago.

My history is as simple as growing up outside a costal town in western Norway. I was in the petroleum business as a skilled technician (completed certificate of apprenticeship), but decided that I didn’t want to do that in 30 years time.

Next up I got a bachelor degree in Computer Science from what is now Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), which lead to work in The Norwegian Mapping Authority in Hønefoss. Later, we moved back home to the western part of Norway again. Here we live with 2-3 kids, 2 cats if you can count them — and with our families near us.