Project — Idea 💡 2022.12.24 2022.12.31

Creating this site

Plans and tools used in creating this site

I want a site to list ideas and thoughts. I’m not necessary interested in discussing these, but feel free to notify1 me it I’m wrong.2 I might also post my poems here, no guarantee for their quality. Lastly, it is a learning experience in HTML and CSS. Last time I used those it was XTML/HTML 4 and CSS without a number.

First plans

  • SSL so that you can reach it by
  • RSS to make keeping track of new and updated pages
    • Need to think about how to organize first
  • Authenticate myself on
  • Structure
    • Thoughts are thoughts and ideas I just want out there
    • Should I have something more something for how-to posts?
    • Projects are descriptions and lists of stuff to do, linking into thoughts and posts and external places.
    • Now is summarized notes over each month.
    • About is about.
    • Colophon is just that.
    • Poems?
  • Style
    • Added CSS with grids and grid area
    • Added media things for smaller devices
    • Erch, style. I’m not a designer
    • CSS Cache is now updating in browser, since I did some light cache busting
    • Tweaked cards on homepage to have metadata on bottom (flex)
    • Increased font size to be more old person friendly so I can read it.
  • Home page that
    • Says something about what this page is?
    • Lists latest edited thoughts / posts
    • Current project, more projects
    • Latest poem?
    • Books I’m reading?
    • Is looking ok-ish with semantic structure and some light CSS.
  • Mastodon
  • A Now page
    • Set up a Now page
    • with RSS on update.
    • This should be a curated version of my private notes, updated at least monthly
    • Update theme README + exampleSite with what is needed
  • An About page
    • Think about (heh) how to integrate this in the theme structure
  • Analytics
    • Wrote a post about using TelemetryDeck to track visitors
    • Need to be GDPR compliant
    • Preferably no cookies at all, and no personally identifiable bits of info
    • Turn off or track differently in development mode

  1. Links to my mastodon and keybase are just below. You’ll probably manage to guess other methods of contacting me as well. Be nice, please. ↩︎

  2. Please: Back your words with reliable sources or well thought out reasons. I won’t bother listening to blathering — but if I’m wrong I want to learn. ↩︎