Idea 💡 2023.01.03 2023.01.03

What to Think Aloud About in Public

This should be called; what will I write on these pages, but pretentious

I’m wondering about what to write about here. The posts I’ve already decided should at least be stuff I do with these pages. Possibly other how to posts.

The project pages as well, though I might remove them later. I’m not sure.

I’m going to find a way to keep and sort my short poems, this will need some filtering on language and content. Most likely tags with a filter thing. How heavy will that be for a static site? I don’t know. Not a big problem the first years or so at least.

Thoughts. What thoughts. Lilke this one. These will be mostly for me, to get words on screen. Helps me think by writing out. Maybe they will help others think as well. Will also need some sort of way to find and filter content. Tags again, I suppose. These are sorted by last modified on the home page, as opposed to newest for the posts.

The ordering will help them bubble to the top when I revisist them. Might have to have a filtering on status here, because I should revisit and revise the ideas💡 later.

Writing about books. All books? Good books? Serious books? Oh, well. For later.

I probably won’t write about my work. First, it is for a customer. Second, it is mostly boring. I might write posts about spesific technical stuff, but probably not.