Idle Thought — Idea 💡 2022.12.21 2023.01.03

Choosing to Create a Theme

Modify an existing theme? How bothersome. Lets make a new from scratch

I kind of found a nice theme, but it looked complicated to modify. So I thought — how hard can it be to make my own?

Thanks me.

Slowly working out what I want to write and where I should put it, trying to structure the theme around it. The theme affects the content, but the content affects how the theme should be.

The hard part, apart from CSS, is how to structure content. I’m really… I’m… I have trouble structuring content because I have trouble structuring my thoughts into hierarchies. It fails. Which is why I kind of went with a Digital Garden approach. Partly garden. It feels wrong to shuffle all in a big box and say: “there; done”. See my old thoughts on tags (and other taxonomies).